Finally a Demon Side update!

Krystal and I have been working on Chapter 1 quite a bit the last few weeks.  Most of the dungeon is done, including gameplay and map graphics, a cool stealth script is being used for part of it, and Krystal’s been animating fun pictures for the battles!  We’ll post pictures soon, but for the moment you’ll just have to listen to me talk about some of the cool plans we have for our game!  Each character is going to have their own moral alignment value that will change as you make decisions in the game.  This will effect different story points, including multiple endings, and will also effect the strength of different magic abilities.  And other things.  I need to go for now, but we’ll be back with more info… sometime!



Snake Disciple Deployed!

Snake Disciple Deployed!

The game a couple of you had heard about “Snake Disciple” is now completed and available for download!  Just click the dropbbox link here .  It’s a short, 7 level game based off of the old snake games and features the music of RoccoW, who does some awesome Chiptune stuff (you can hear some of his work here  Also in case it was unclear, your snake can wrap around the edge of the playfield, which is necessary in the later levels!   I hope you enjoy it, and let me know if you have any issues running it!  I should be able to get a version of it that you can play in a browser eventually, but due to technical difficulties it’s currently only available as a standalone application.  And now that I had a small project to get back into the swing of things, I’m planning to start working on Demon Side again, so unless I don’t post forever like I usually do, hopefully you’ll be hearing more about that soon!

snake title      ouroboros


Chapter One

Alright, alright, alright. So, Mark and I are still finding out how long it will take us to do things. To make matters worse for you guys? We decided to redo our beginning because it annoyed us that you don’t meet the two main characters until you’ve played at least 40 minutes into the game. Ridiculous. This means we will be able to do a quick ‘Chapter One’. It also means that we’ll be able to have you meet both Iris and Zander rather quickly and in the first chapter. Thank heavens.

Unfortunately, this will take us more time. Though, by the time we get Chapter One out, Chapter Two won’t be far behind it. We’ll keep posting screen shots, pictures, and little anecdotes about the characters. Maybe I’ll start introducing them once I finish the picture that will accompany them talking. Also, Mark would like to start doing ‘Freebie Fridays’ and post some of our wonderful resources we made for Colette’s Fall Festival.

If there is anything we talk about that you are curious about how to do (e.g. parallax mapping, spriteing) then ask about it in the comments. Maybe we’ll start Tutorial Tuesday as well.

Anyway, I’m going to start some awesome behavior sprites tomorrow so look for them later this week.



Loading Screens etc.



Krystal drew some pretty pictures for our Demon Side loading screens!  A couple of them are above.  Anyways, I’m Mark and this is my first post on our blog!  As an introduction, I basically love anything that has to do with games.  I enjoy a lot of different genres of video games, but as far as RPG’s go some of my favorites are the Golden Sun games, Wild Arms 2 and 4, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VII, Radiant Historia (currently playing), Ogre Battle 64, and probably a bunch of others that aren’t coming to mind at the moment.

Work on Demon Side has been going slowly due to being busy with school and work and such, but it’s coming along.  I’ve been figuring out how some things will work with the battle system and equipment and such as well as doing some parallax maps.  Here’s a screenshot of one of the maps I’ve done for inside the demon castle.


I’m almost done with all of the maps for the Demon Castle, and then I’ll need to finish up the rest of the maps, implement some new skills to be used with the battles, do item placement on the maps, make the intro, playtest, and whatever else comes up.

For now I must be off, but I’ll try to update about once a week or something like that.


Crazy Holidays

Hey everyone who bothers to read our blog!

I keep promising myself to take some screenshots of our game ( that we plan to release in parts starting at the beginning of February. However, I keep forgetting. I only post when I’m far from home, so I have to wait until my brain works a bit better.

Regardless. Be excited! We’ll be posting the first part of it here around the beginning of February (a more concrete date will appear when we get closer to the time). Keep checking back! I’ll be releasing little snippets of it (hopefully), along with snippets of other games Mark and I are currently working on. Really, we just love games. We love playing games. We love making games. We hope that passion shows when the first part of our game is revealed.

Also, Mark is currently finishing a solo project he started before we were together. It will be released as a short flash game on our website (currently under construction). It’s a platformer about an adorable box character named Ladlet.

Hope you guys had less crazy holidays than Mark and I. What with being sick half of the time, playing Rune Factory Frontier, and starting art for three different projects we have started thinking about; we’ve had very little time to breathe. Still, it’s fun.

Be excited for our release of Demon Side! Coming in February!



Demon Side

Mark and I have been working on a game for a few months. It has taken a lot of work, but it is really fun. We’ll be releasing the first chapter to be tested by you guys in about two months (if things take a long time). We should have a more exact date when it gets closer to that time.

Until then, we’ll be leading up with screenshots of some maps, character bios, a few graphics, and so on. We are also going to release some of the resources we made for Colette’s Fall Festival.

Today, we’ll introduce you to Demon Side with a brief synopsis written by Krystal in the Mark and Krystal team.

So here it goes:

Zander is a bit of an unusual demon, and this make life tough in the Demon community. When the lord of the Demons sends him and his best friend, Cerys, on a quest, he can’t wait to prove himself. However, nothing goes according to plan and he winds up being turned into a human. Meanwhile, a mysterious and famous Demon Hunter named Iris works with the fox Demon, Evyn, to find a way for her to go to the Demon World and kill the Demon Lord. You unravel the story as both Zander and Iris at different times. Why doesn’t Zander remember his past? And what does the Demon Lord have to do with it? Who is this mysterious Iris? As you find out all the many secrets that this story holds, you will be able to act like a hero or the demon you truly are. Steal a potion or buy it? Ask someone to move or set them on fire? Find out and let your demon side show.

Hope that’s a good teaser for you. Pictures to follow on the next post.



Colette’s Fall Festival (link to download)

As promised, here are the links to download our short game. It’s not anything incredibly impressive visually, but it does have some interesting elements in it. Here is a brief synopsis of the game:

Little Colette only wanted to go to the Haunted House of Horrors for Halloween. Unfortunately, her mother made her go to the Fall Festival. After hearing that the prize for the costume contest is three tickets to the Haunted House of Horrors, she realizes she may have an opportunity to go after all. Help Colette explore the exciting world of the Fall Festival to help her piece together as many costumes as possible. Wander a corn maze, bob for apples, try your hand at the shooting range, eat as many pies as possible, see what lives in the creepy forest to the North, or simply explore the farmlands. But be quick about it, you only have 30 minutes until sundown.

Now, for the download links. If you do not have RPG Maker VX Ace, than you want the “with RTP” version of the download.

With RTP:

Without RTP: