Demon Side

Mark and I have been working on a game for a few months. It has taken a lot of work, but it is really fun. We’ll be releasing the first chapter to be tested by you guys in about two months (if things take a long time). We should have a more exact date when it gets closer to that time.

Until then, we’ll be leading up with screenshots of some maps, character bios, a few graphics, and so on. We are also going to release some of the resources we made for Colette’s Fall Festival.

Today, we’ll introduce you to Demon Side with a brief synopsis written by Krystal in the Mark and Krystal team.

So here it goes:

Zander is a bit of an unusual demon, and this make life tough in the Demon community. When the lord of the Demons sends him and his best friend, Cerys, on a quest, he can’t wait to prove himself. However, nothing goes according to plan and he winds up being turned into a human. Meanwhile, a mysterious and famous Demon Hunter named Iris works with the fox Demon, Evyn, to find a way for her to go to the Demon World and kill the Demon Lord. You unravel the story as both Zander and Iris at different times. Why doesn’t Zander remember his past? And what does the Demon Lord have to do with it? Who is this mysterious Iris? As you find out all the many secrets that this story holds, you will be able to act like a hero or the demon you truly are. Steal a potion or buy it? Ask someone to move or set them on fire? Find out and let your demon side show.

Hope that’s a good teaser for you. Pictures to follow on the next post.




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