Chapter One

Alright, alright, alright. So, Mark and I are still finding out how long it will take us to do things. To make matters worse for you guys? We decided to redo our beginning because it annoyed us that you don’t meet the two main characters until you’ve played at least 40 minutes into the game. Ridiculous. This means we will be able to do a quick ‘Chapter One’. It also means that we’ll be able to have you meet both Iris and Zander rather quickly and in the first chapter. Thank heavens.

Unfortunately, this will take us more time. Though, by the time we get Chapter One out, Chapter Two won’t be far behind it. We’ll keep posting screen shots, pictures, and little anecdotes about the characters. Maybe I’ll start introducing them once I finish the picture that will accompany them talking. Also, Mark would like to start doing ‘Freebie Fridays’ and post some of our wonderful resources we made for Colette’s Fall Festival.

If there is anything we talk about that you are curious about how to do (e.g. parallax mapping, spriteing) then ask about it in the comments. Maybe we’ll start Tutorial Tuesday as well.

Anyway, I’m going to start some awesome behavior sprites tomorrow so look for them later this week.




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