Crazy Holidays

Hey everyone who bothers to read our blog!

I keep promising myself to take some screenshots of our game ( that we plan to release in parts starting at the beginning of February. However, I keep forgetting. I only post when I’m far from home, so I have to wait until my brain works a bit better.

Regardless. Be excited! We’ll be posting the first part of it here around the beginning of February (a more concrete date will appear when we get closer to the time). Keep checking back! I’ll be releasing little snippets of it (hopefully), along with snippets of other games Mark and I are currently working on. Really, we just love games. We love playing games. We love making games. We hope that passion shows when the first part of our game is revealed.

Also, Mark is currently finishing a solo project he started before we were together. It will be released as a short flash game on our website (currently under construction). It’s a platformer about an adorable box character named Ladlet.

Hope you guys had less crazy holidays than Mark and I. What with being sick half of the time, playing Rune Factory Frontier, and starting art for three different projects we have started thinking about; we’ve had very little time to breathe. Still, it’s fun.

Be excited for our release of Demon Side! Coming in February!




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